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3) Most Common Dating Game: “Should I Pick Up The Phone? Your communication is the ball and they are doing a great job at dodging you. ” is when the person you’re dating is always on their phone; texting or talking but suddenly chooses to not respond when you call or text. ” If this is a question you’re asking you probably know the answer…on!

When you are dating someone who you only see once or twice a week (if that much) and they are on their cell phone the entire time, that’s a clue that you are not enough for them.

No one likes to feel like they are sixth, seventh or eighth in someone’s life; kids (if they have them), work, their pet(s), family, friends, sporting activities, workout schedule, TV…then you! If someone can’t fit you into their life and make you feel valued, it’s time to move on.

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What makes this game not so fun; this person used to pick up, call or get back to you ASAP. But, if you don’t call and follow up, they don’t reach out to you. They hardly acknowledge you and refrain from any physical contact. Stay true to yourself, listen to your heart and know when enough is enough!

Their behavior is so bad that a stranger would hardly know you are friends let alone exclusively dating.

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If they happen after you have been dating for a while this is a big sign that the other person has lost interest.

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