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“The Eagle has landed” alright; the Eagle symbolizes Esau’s prophesied worldwide “Dominion” Gen -41KJV.Time to choose the correct Scapegoat Azazel or JESUS “They had Brick for Stone and Slime for Mortar” Slime holding Bricks in the Tower of Babel?Pedophilia and Satanism are the glue (Slime/Blackmail) holding the establishment control structure together in every nation on earth.

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– EPA The Ark of Gabriel is a myth, containing the last instructions Angel Gabriel (Mormons are taught the Book of Mormon originated with Gabriel giving instructions to Joseph Smith) wrote to Muhammad which were allegedly put in an Ark of “Immense Power” under the Kaaba of Mecca (Kaaba “Enclosure” of the Black Stone aka Head of Aphrodite Mecca=Adultery; Quyraish Bedouins of Mecca are the “Korahite Priests” of Num 16), considered the “Place where Angels worshipped before the creation of Man” (Bible says Abraham and Sarah cast out Hagar and Ishmael there) to be unearthed at Yawn al-Qiyamah “Day of Ressurection”.

Jesuit Pope Francis then met Patriarch Kirill in Cuba Feb 12, 2016 making a joint declaration; healing the 1000 Yr old Schism.

Initiated Satanic Sodomy and Pedophilia “They had brick for stone and Slime for mortar” Ever wonder what the Tower of Babel looked like or why Slime (Bitumen in most Study Bibles) was used to hold Bricks together?

Why not use Ashlar Stones like the Cathedrals or Great Pyramid?

or the 9th Circle Satanic Cult with members like Pope Francis, Pope Benedict, Jesuit General Adolfo Nicholas and Nicole Kidman’s 2014 deceased father?

Why no questions for “The Voice” coach Miley Cyrus?

So is there such a thing as “Gabriel’s Ark” of course not.

Ishmael and Esau married Canaanite women, violating the Covenant God made with Abraham and Sarah. Scalar EM Weapons facilities, and lots of them; you thought I was going to say Aryan Atlanteans didn’t you?

) where none other than Dr David Bowie was on hand to treat him. Hint: Viewed from Earth, the Sun and Moon occupy the exact same size; no other known location claims this. The Abomination of Desolation (Dan -27) may ring a Baal.

Bowie released Space Oddity just ahead of the faked Moon Landing; Buzz is now the face of Mars Exploration (Orion rocket is Osiris). Now I hate to be a “Buzz Kill”, (Buzi are the names of Medean Black Magicians; Merovingians and Mormons use the Bee symbol for this reason; Mellisae “Bee” the name of the Priests of Cybele) but if you think all this coincidence, you seriously need Jesus in your life.

33 degree Luciferian Mason like Neil Armstrong, one should wonder who took Neil’s picture descending the Eagle’s Ladder.

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