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She’s played everyone from the girl next door to a punker and an abuse victim.

Emilee’s first role was Fern in a summer production of “Charlotte’s Web” On Broadway in Edmond.

They’ve also learned to deal well with rejection, because in the entertainment industry it is a constant companion.“You can never take the rejection personally,” Emilee said.

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Emilee did not get a callback for a second audition, but BJ did.

“He ended up booking ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Will Rogers Follies,’” Kay said. You two are going to have to work this out.’”From that day on, the Wallaces have faced every audition as a team.

Despite the competitive nature of the entertainment business, the Wallace kids have learned to be completely supportive of one another.

One of the first big auditions they had was for Lyric Theatre, Kay said.

Perhaps her most visible role to date was a guest spot on “Grey’s Anatomy,” which aired in April.

Emilee played the teenage daughter of a dying woman. “She has to tap into what happened in her life that makes her upset,” said Kay Wallace, Emilee’s mom.

Emily Wallace is a community voice and person you can put your trust in.

From the director of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Dude Where's My Car?

She is originally from Monilea where she found her love of GAA and Hurling helping her dad Peter Curran making hurleys.

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